Denise's Story

After undergoing surgery on her arm, followed by intense physiotherapy (thank you Cobourg Orthopedic Sports and Injury Clinic), Denise Cameron returned to work as a Registered Massage Therapist. Within a matter of days, her body began to reject the metal hardware which had been implanted in her arm, causing so much pain and swelling that she was unable to continue working. After further treatment by one of the top orthopedic surgeons in Ontario, she was told there was nothing more they could do for her.

While attending a Massage Therapy Conference, Denise was introduced to a Matrix Repatterning practitioner who offered to demonstrate the effects of this new therapy by performing a treatment on her arm. Within minutes she experienced a release in pressure and after only one full treatment was amazed to find that all pain was gone. After a series of treatments, Denise had complete relief from long term chronic sacrum pain and shoulder and neck pain. The Matrix Repatterning therapy gently changed the neurological pathways and alleviated the pain. Denise was so impressed by the results of this revolutionary technique, that she went back to school to study to become a certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner.

Matrix Repatterning is a gentle, hands-on therapy that corrects imbalance in the soft tissue, organs and bones. It is best described as a blend of physical and energy medicine that can achieve profound results which are often unattainable with other forms of treatment. The practitioner first determines the source of the problem that is causing the pain and other health conditions, then gently releases tension and restriction within the deeper layers of the body, literally at the cellular level. Corrections made by a Matrix Repatterning practitioner are long lasting, since the body is restored to its natural state of tone and balance. The key to success is that treatments result in improved cellular, organ and musculoskeletal function, and thus, overall well-being.

Denise Cameron is a busy and active mother and business owner; she has significantly increased her muscle strength and energy levels and gone on to complete a 10km run, something that would have been inconceivable prior to the Matrix Repatterning Therapy. She is a Registered Massage Therapist, a Certified Matrix Repatterning practitioner and co-owner of The Pain Relief Clinic. Denise has been practicing massage therapy in Northumberland since 1997.

If you suffer from back, neck, joint and muscle pain, sports injuries, or other conditions associated with structural imbalance, such as: snoring, sleep apnea, esophageal reflux (GERD), headaches, TMJ syndrome, Fibromyalgia and countless other limitations, then Matrix Repatterning may be right for you.